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“Acknowledge Him!”


“Acknowledge Him!”

Do you sometimes feel that you’re not praising God enough? This could easily be an affirmative answer.  Do a quick inventory of your life, past, and present. Include your younger years; aka (also known as) when you did stupid stuff. There was a period where I had stopped going to church – I wasn’t praising – worshiping – praying – and I was not a disciple of His Word. Yes, I must admit that this was me during a short period of my life. I’m so glad God kept me during this time in my life.

God kept me despite me. I didn’t deserve His Goodness and Mercy then, and I still don’t, but I’m working on becoming a better person than my younger self. My younger self was taking credit for all the good things in my life. I thought I was all that! Good health – education – job – house – car. I was taking credit for all my successes. Not once did I acknowledge God or tell Him, “Thank You!”

“Our Incredible God deserves our incredible praise!” – Pastor Victor S.  Brice

This is a quote from our Sunday sermon on: “Look at God!”  During his sermon, Pastor Brice made the point that we’ve lost our focus on God and fail to recognize His Greatness. Yes, this statement was true for me during my younger years. I had lost my focus – I took my eyes off God. Reflecting on my past, I thought I was happy. But what is happiness? (happiness: the state of being happy – contentment –a pleasurable or satisfying experience.) Yes, this could describe me during my younger years. But was I really content while focusing on everything but God?

“My lips will shout for joy when I sing praise to you.” – Psalm 71:23 (NIV).

Joy! (joy: a limitless reservoir waiting to be tapped into – requires utmost surrender).

It wasn’t until I re-dedicated myself to God that I found real joy that only He can give. I praise Him every chance I get because everything that I am – all that I have – belongs to Him, and I thank (praise) Him for it. God is good!

What assurance do we have that God is good? God saves – God sanctifies – God secures.(This is also from Pastor Brice’s Sunday sermon.) 

“But you know that he appeared so that he might take away our sons. And in him is no sin.”   – 1 John 3:5 (NIV).

 “I’m saved because God saved me! God made me and God saved me!” – Pastor Victor S. Brice

Yes, this is reason to shout for joy – reason to sing praises to His Name – reason to thank Him for all He has done – reason to acknowledge Him for being the One – our Almighty God!

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“I Am A Disciple”


“I Am a Disciple”

I am a disciple. This is in response to my last Blog question: “Are you a member?” At that time I considered myself a member. Now, I’m working on changing my membership to discipleship.

“Being a disciple requires sacrifice.” – Pastor James E. Brice

We may have become quite comfortable in our membership, but to make the change to discipleship requires sacrifice. My personal sacrifice is to change my mindset. I feel that by keeping my mind (focus) on Jesus (on what would Jesus do) staying true to His Word (obeying Him) I’ll grow my relationship with Him and grow into my discipleship.

Read: Matthew 4:18-19. Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee. He saw two fishermen, Peter and Andrew, casting a net into the lake. Jesus told them to follow Him and He would send them out to fish for people.

“Jesus’ first directive and his last directive to Peter was, ‘Follow Me!’” – Pastor James E. Brice

“At once they left their nets and followed him.” – Matthew 4:20 (NIV).

Pastor James E, Brice gave Scriptures (Tools) in which to move from membership to discipleship. He gave several, however, I’ve just listed a few of them.

Scripture References: Ephesians 2:8-10 & Romans 3:21-27 (Trust) –  Philippians 1:20-21 & Romans 14:7-9 (Worship) –  Matthew 6:24 & Galatians 1:10 (Love) –   1 Corinthians 11:1 & John 15:10 (Imitate) – 1 Peter 1:2 & Matthew 18:20 (Obey).

Trust in Jesus for salvation – Worship Him – Love Him with your whole heart – Imitate His Life – Obey His Teaching.  Trust – Worship – Love – Imitate – Obey… words from Pastor James E. Brice on discipleship. He also spoke on how a disciple should act while in church.

“Come to worship – leave to serve!” – Pastor James E. Brice

If you were not in the zoom-room while Pastor James E. Brice was teaching, then you missed his enthusiasm – his spiritually charged energy in conveying the Word of God. He will close us out on Wednesday night of next week – don’t miss it!  Wednesday Feb. 15th 7:00pm to 7:40pm via Zoom – Facebook – Tele-Conference (888) 633-1082.

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“Are You a Member?”


“Are You a Member?” 

I often start my Blog with a question. The question for today is: Are you a member? Of course this requires you to answer this question with a question of your own: “A member of what?” As we all know, you can be a member of a several different entities because to be a member is to belong to a particular group. For this writing, I’ll be referring to church membership.

To become a member (follower) of church (Christ) is not hard to do. Acknowledge – Believe – Confess – Repent. Acknowledge in your heart that Jesus is Lord – Believe that Jesus died for your sins and was raised on the third day – Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord – Repent of your sins. Refer: Romans 10:9-13 for confirmation. Salvation is for everyone.

“Be more than a member of a church, you must become a disciple.” – Pastor James E. Brice

This is a quote from the brother of our very own, Pastor Victor S. Brice. How many of us are guilty of just being a member of church? I can attest to this because I thought by being obedient to God’s Word – putting Him first by starting the week with attending church every Sunday, I was being a good church member. Wow! The key word here is member.

“Move from church members to disciples.” – Pastor James E. Brice

I never realized until I was sitting under the teachings of Pastor James E. Brice that I needed to be more – needed to do more – than be a member of church. I need to become a disciple.  Pastor James E. Brice is teaching an awesome two-part series on “Moving from Membership to Discipleship”. His. first class was held, February 1, 2023, via zoom and Facebook, 7:00pm to 7:40pm. His second class will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, February 8, 2023, also via zoom and Facebook, from 7:00pm to 7:40pm. I encourage you to attend.

Pastor James E. Brice gave us four things we must do as disciples. Care – Dare – Share – Prayer. We must care, show concern for each other. We must dare to spread the gospel – it takes courage to share Christ, let others know what He has done for you – what He can do. Prayer. Pray for them and for each other. Prayer can accomplish much!

I, for one, love a challenge. I challenge each of you to work on moving from church membership to discipleship. So, when asked: What church do you attend? Your response will be:

“I’m a disciple of Solomon Temple Ministries International.”

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“What’s Going On?”


“What’s Going On?” 

Yes, this is the title of a song from the early 1970’s that was sung by Marvin Gaye during the U.S.A. participation in the Vietnam War (1965 to 1973). War brings unrest (physically and mentally) to all involved, rather directly or indirectly. This song spoke to everyone then and is still speaking to us now. “War is not the answer!”

We are at war (experiencing unrest) – our mental health (stability) is being threatened. How? Why? (How come?) We are fighting amongst ourselves – rudeness – hate – jealousy – pride – prejudice – Karenism – beating and/or killing each other – the rich trying to become richer while keeping the poor in a poor state.

Every one of the aforementioned is a contributor to the stability of our mental health. Our unstable economy, country, nation, is affecting our mental health – is putting our mental health at risk. Every time we turn on the news, hear reports of crime – unrest, it affects us mentally. Yes, you, too! No one is exempt!

How can we fix this?   Actually “we” can’t!   But I know someone who can!  God.

We are not alone. Jesus came to earth to show us the Way – to show us how to live in the righteousness of the Word of God – to save us. Jesus took care of His mental health. He would seek solitude – withdraw from his disciples –withdraw from the crowds – pray and seek God, His Father. This is how we can fix it. Turn to our Almighty God – call on Him – pray – seek!

Put all your pain (physical and emotional) and sorrow in God’s Hands. Let God control what only He can fix. Yes, we try to fix our own problems, but where has that gotten us so far? God is the answer to; “What’s going on?”

The Peace of God alleviates stress, depression, anxiety, all the common traits of mental illness. Seeking the Peace of God will give you peace of mind – will keep you mentally healthy. Yes, just like that! Let go – let God! Cry out to the Lord – you will be healed – you will be saved!

“Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise.” – Jeremiah 17:14 (NIV).

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“Operating At Maximum Capacity”



“Operating At Maximum Capacity”

During our Sunday sermon, “Holding On While Hurting”, Pastor Brice made the statement: “God wants us to operate at maximum capacity.” Let’s think on this a moment. Ask yourself: “How do I operate at maximum capacity?”  This means that you must be all in: Word – worship – witnessing – winning (souls to Christ). To be all in is to increase – maximize – grow your relationship and fellowship with God. We all have room to grow – it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a Believer – we must operate at maximum capacity.

“You can’t operate at maximum capacity while you’re hurting.” – Pastor Victor S. Brice

As we live, there will always be some type of hurt, either emotional or physical. Our emotional hurt can be due to our own volition or caused by others. Hurt is a part of life – hurt happens and must be dealt with. We have the tendency to hide our emotional hurt. We push it aside and not talk about it or deal with it. But did you know that your hidden (deep seated) hurt can cause you to act out in ways that are uncharacteristic? You may start doing things that even has you asking yourself: “Why did I do that?”  Time to seek the Lord.

“Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.” – 1 Chronicles 16:11 (NIV).

 This is our remedy – this is our weapon to be used against hidden hurts. Look to the Lord for His Strength – seek Him always. He is waiting on you to ask for His Help – He is waiting on you to seek Him. He will provide for your every need.

PrayStay (maximize) – Believe.

Pray, ask God for His Help – Stay (maximize in Word – worship – witness – winning souls) – Believe you will receive.

Operate at maximum capacity with the help of the Lord!


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“When Life Hurts”


“When Life Hurts”

During our Word Connection class last night, Pastor Brice asked: “What do you do when life hurts?” Good question let’s all think on that a moment. Depression and anxiety are prevalent in our society. Pastor Brice also quoted these statistics: 264 million people struggle with depression, while 40 million people struggle with anxiety.

In recent months there has been an increase in suicides. Why? We have the best doctors – for both physical and mental health – the best equipment to handle whatever diagnosis we encounter. So, why the increase in suicides? Why are people not seeking the help they need?

We are living with the “stigma” that it is a sign of weakness to admit to mental instability. For centuries we have associated a break – a crack – a fissure – in our mental health as a sign of weakness. It was considered taboo to even talk about your mental health, let alone, seek help.

We’ve been taught to be strong and live long – to be the best that you can be in whatever you endeavor. To not do so is a show of weakness – of failure. Time to revamp your opinion on strong vs weakness. Have a mindset of it takes a strong person to recognize when their emotional – mental – health is in jeopardy.

Our lives are filled with trials and tribulations causing our mental, emotional, health to be at risk. “What do you do when life hurts?” It seems that the majority will do nothing because they fear that by reaching out, they will appear weak – they will be talked about – whispered about.

“Seek God first!” – Pastor Victor S. Brice

Our Pastor has always stood on the premise that we must seek God first in all that we do – we must get God involved.

“Hear, Lord, and be merciful to me, Lord, be my help.” – Psalm 30:10 (NIV).

 We start our mental health healing by going to the Lord in prayer. God understands – call on Him! God will calm your anxiety – lesson your depression – mend cracks or fissures in your emotional, mental health – give you the strength to seek help from professionals as well.

Our Lord and Savior gave us the command to love one another. This is who we are – this is what we do. We love – we care – we share. When life hurts, pray, call on God. You can also call our national mental health hotline: 9-8-8 is open 24-7 (24 hours – 7 days a week).

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“He Rode!”


“Tis The Season!”


“During these last 20 days of 2022, we must focus on pleasing God.” – Pastor Victor S. Brice

These words were spoken by our pastor during our Sunday morning worship service. Focus. We must concentrate – remain steadfast – keep God in the center of our lives – keep God in everything we do. Yes, “Tis’ the Season to Focus on God.” Why? Because Jesus is the reason for the season. Our society has commercialized Christmas to the point where we’re out buying gifts, decorating, partying, and having fun, while forgetting about the real reason to celebrate Christmas. Jesus Christ was born. (We may not know the exact date of His birth, but this is the day we choose to celebrate His birth.)

“We often attempt to mix the spiritual with the secular – the carnal.” – Pastor Victor S. Brice

Let’s think on this for a moment. I feel that it is during our religious holidays that we are guilty of this. We, believers, can get caught up in the moment of celebrating that we forget the real reason for the celebration. The secular commercialization of the holiday will get us caught up. We then will try to mix the spiritual with the secular. Guilty! Yes, I am guilty of this. So, how do I (we who are guilty) fix this? Re-focus! Focus on God – focus on His Goodness and Mercy! Focus on the fact that God has kept you – you are still here. Many of your loved ones – friends – acquaintances – have gone to glory. But God! Time to read Psalm 150 in its entirety.

“Praise the Lord!”

Pastor Brice also told us to read: Psalm 34:4-6, to find solace and solution when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. You will be calmed – cheered – cured (God will bring you out of your situation).

Tis the season to focus – rejoice – praise.

Focus on the Word – focus on Who God Is. Rejoice that Jesus Christ was born. Praise God for delivering you – keeping you – loving you.

Tis the season to…

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Solomon Temple Ministries International – Blogger – Othella Hill-Jordan

“Prayer Life – Praise Life”




“Prayer Life ~ Praise Life”

Our pastor, Rev. Victor S. Brice, is continuing his series on “When I’m Stuck Between a Rock and A Hard Place”.  God is speaking to him. Listen – take heed – get the Word in your minds and hearts – obey (walk) in the Word.

“Your prayer life and your praise life both involve God.” – Pastor Victor S. Brice

We will always need God. We tend to get ourselves in situations where we can’t see our way out.  Can’t move forward – can’t move back – can’t go to the left – can’t go to the right. But God! Reach out to Him when it appears there is no way to turn. Remember, God parted the Red Sea for the Israelites, He can certainly handle your dilemma. The moment you pray, God starts to work. Call on Him when you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Then immediately start to praise Him because it is already done.

“Call to me and I will answer.” – Jeremiah 33:3 (NIV).

“When in trouble, call Him. When out of trouble, praise Him!” – Pastor Victor S. Brice

During our Sunday sermon, Pastor Brice stressed three ways to strengthen your prayer life and praise life. Through excitement – enhancement – expansion. We must get excited when praying and praising God. Be His personal cheering squad. Magnify His Holy Name – enhance. He is bigger than our sorrows, burdens, problems. Expand – increase your praise and worship of Him – be persistent. Praise Him anywhere, everywhere, at all times!

“Let us exalt his name together.” – Psalm 34:3b (KJV).

Let Him hear your voice often, regularly, with vigor, excitement, and joy. We reach out our hands when we’re in need (this is good, this is what God wants us to do). However, we must also reach up our hands and praise Him. Praise Him for all He has done and will continue to do in your life.

Again, your prayer life and your praise life both involve God. Prayer and praise work together. Encourage yourself. You may have heard the saying; “My word is bond.” Well, God’s Word is Life! God’s Word is your heartbeat.  Always pray – always praise!

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” – Psalm 150:6 (NIV).


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Solomon Temple Ministries International – Blogger – Othella Hill-Jordan

“Thank You, Lord!”



“Thank You, Lord!” 

Thank You, Lord for all you’ve done for me! Not only are these words sung by gospel choirs throughout our nation but, these words are spoken by believers during prayer. In a perfect world, these words will be spoken daily and without hesitation. Praise Him! Thank, Him! Sunday, Pastor Brice preached another segment on: “When I’m Stuck Between a Rock and A Hard Place.” We all get stuck from time to time, and the only way out is to let God lead you out. Yes! Go to God in prayer – trust and believe – He will get you out of your stuck situation. Stop trying to do it on your own. (I’m speaking to myself because I’ve been there, done that.)

“I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.”                            –Psalm 34:1 (KJV).

 God is the answer. Have you noticed that God is the answer to all your problems? Ok, I’ll say that again. “Have you noticed that God is the answer to all your problems?” Since we agree on this, why is it that when we are in our stuck situations – have problems – have sorrows – we tend to wallow in our stuck situations? “Oh, woe is me!” Stop! This is the wrong attitude to have. Let go, and let God do His work in you. Let Him take charge – let Him control your life.

“Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” – 1 John 4:4 (KJV).

 The Holy Spirit lives in us and is greater than the one that lives in the world. Remember, God has overcome the world. Your success depends on the choices you make. You can choose to win or you can choose to lose. It’s that simple. We all want to be winners, but when we inadvertently leave God out of our lives – when we, in all our arrogance, try to take charge of our own destiny, we are choosing to lose. Again, I say: “Let go and let God!”

Stop running your race on the wrong track. Stay in your lane. Stay on the right track with God. Let Him release you from your stuck position. Then you can say: “Thank You, Lord!”

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Solomon Temple Ministries International – Blogger – Othella Hill-Jordan

“A Rock and A Hard Place”


“A Rock and A Hard Place”

Our Sunday sermon was about how to get released/relief when we’re “Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place”. When we find ourselves in a situation where we must choose between the lessor of two penalties, we sometimes make the wrong choice. Why? Because we lean towards the choice that would be less painful or less detrimental. However, this is not always the best choice, or the right choice.

“Don’t worry, God’s got you!” – Pastor Victor S. Brice

“Do not fear… I will be with you…” Isaiah 43:1-2 (NIV).

Our Sunday Message was centered around God’s Command: “Do not fear…” and God’s Promise: “I will be with you…”

When we step out boldly and give our situations over to God, His Command and His Promise will always cover us. No matter the situation, we will always win. It’s just that simple. Yet do we do this? No. We, always in control people – always take charge people, try to fix things on our own. Now, how does that work out for you? Exactly! We lose! We suffer the consequences. There is no need for us to suffer consequences when all we need to do is call on God.

We may hear these words often: “God will make a way out of no way!’ “He may not be there when you call, but He is always right on time!” “He is my Bridge over troubled waters!” “Can’t no body do me like Jesus!” True, true Truth! God is Love. God is Truth! God is The Source! God is His Word!

During our troubled times, let go and let God be your Source. Stop trying to block God. Yes, we block God when we don’t call on Him – when we don’t lean on Him – when we try to fix things on our own. Leave it alone – let God fix it! Let God bring you out of your “rock and a hard place”.

Rely on God’s Command to “fear not” and rely on His Promise: I will be with you” (He will see us through). This is the only way to get unstuck – to be released from your rock and hard place. Remember, Jesus took the stripes for us – He died and rose again for us. Therefore, call on Him, and “fear not” – call on Him, and “He will be there with you”. Call on Him, and…

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