“Our Good Intent” 

As this year, 2023, is closing, most of us will start thinking about making a resolution for the fast-approaching 2024. Why do we make resolutions that seem to fizzle right after the start of the new year?  Is this out of habit or good intent?

How many people do you know have succeeded in their New Year’s resolution? On a personal level, I don’t know anyone that has been successful for the full 365 days. In fact, the success rate for resolutions is limited and very low. Why? Because we tend to lean on our own understanding – we take charge and leave God out of it.

To win it – you must keep God in it!  

Pastor Brice has been teaching a series on I’m Winning This Thing!  He reminded us that: “The battle isn’t ours – it’s God’s!”  

I recently read an article that had the four “d’s” of success: desire – dedication – determination – discipline. Desire is your hunger for success. Dedication is your unwavering focus on your plan or dream. Determination is your resolve to stay the course. Discipline is your ability to avoid distraction. So far, all the d’s sound like a plan that can be implemented.

However, there is another “d” that always rears its ugly head. Devil. No matter what you are doing – especially when you are succeeding, the Devil will always show up. This is when the battle begins. This is when you strive. To strive means to seek something that is higher than oneself. Time to seek God. Time to get God involved in your plans.

“God is with you. He goes with you always.” – Pastor Victor S. Brice

 Let go!    Get out of God’s way and let Him win the battle for you.

We’re ending 2023 winning – we’re beginning 2024 winning.

It is our good intent to make 2024 our winning season!


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