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Today at the Temple | Nov 29

Today at the Temple, November 29, 2015

My, my, my!!! What a high time we had at The Temple today! It is always a blessing to experience the worship and praise service and incredibly touching to see mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews praising the Lord together. We are truly a family! The women’s choir raised the roof with their rendition of I Need Thee and by the end had brought the roof down!

On this 5th Sunday of the month, God spoke to us in dynamic fashion in a powerful and impactful sermon through Minister Kitty Griffin. We all had to search within ourselves and determine where we stand and who we are in Christ. So, what are you? Are you a goat or a sheep? Are you truly a servant of the Lord? Minister Griffin reminds us that as Christians, we are supposed to be all about serving the Lord. She reminds us that God is an orderly God and has specific structure to all things. As Christians in the body of God’s church, the Master places us under the leadership of a shepherd – our Pastor. God gives the pastor His vision to carry out and it is up to us to be obedient and follow the direction of our Pastor. This is a huge part of our service to the Lord. Being a servant and slave to the Lord is the very foundation of our Christianity. Do you willingly submit to your Pastor’s requests? Do you follow your Pastor’s vision for the church? A sheep knows his place is to follow and be led. A goat challenges, fights and resists being led. I loved how Minister Griffin put it to us that we cannot and should not be “Burger King Christians.” As Christians, we need to understand that we cannot order up our Christianity like a burger – We cannot be “have it my way” Christians.” Whatever role you are called to play in the body of Christ, it is your duty to do it. We’re not supposed to pick and choose – and be standoffish in our service. God, through your pastor, places who He needs and wants in positions and in roles that will maximize and grow the Kingdom of God. Let us be faithful to God’s plan. To be faithful servants of the Lord, we need to follow the leadership and direction of our Pastor. We are to be under the submission of God, The Shepherd – The Pastor, and one to another. We should strive to develop an attitude of serving. What are you? A Sheep? A Goat? Self-reflect. Adjust your behavior and attitude to be in line and in accordance with the Word of God and His plan, given to you by your Pastor.

The Holy Spirit led a large mass to the altar to ask God’s forgiveness, strength, courage and the spirit of obedience and servitude. Several more were led to give their lives to the Lord and to follow the leadership of Pastor Victor S. Brice.

If you are in the Pittsburg, CA area, I encourage you to join us on Sunday mornings. If you are not in the area, I invite you to join is on our livestream. God Bless.

Blog Written By: Sister Delores Walker

Approved and Posted By: Reverend Samuel Brice

Today at the Temple | Oct 22

What a Mighty God We Serve!!! Praise be to God! Today at the Temple, we celebrate Solomon Temple’s 65 Year Anniversary. We give thanks for the support of the membership through the years, our current Pastor Victor S. Brice, and acknowledge the Temple’s past pastors. We pray that our latter days will continue to shine bright, increase and be greater than our former days. We pray that Solomon Temple continues to be a beacon for the Greater Pittsburg community.

For God’s Glory we will do anything because we want to be where He is. The Praise team led us in a Spirit filled worship and praise service and we were regaled with a dynamic dance presented by Solomon Temple’s WOW Praise Dancers. The Men’s Choir blessed our souls with their rendition of Oh, Lord I Need You to Hold My Hand. The Holy Spirit showed up we all had a glorious time in the Lord! You could say we went “Prazy”! Which was the theme of our sermon, brought to us by Reverend Joseph Bryant,, Jr. of Calvary Hill Community Church of San Francisco, California.

Instead of going “crazy” when life gets you down, instead of worrying and fretting over our trials and tribulations, we need to remember to Praise God. Praise God when things are good and praise God when things are not so good. For we know that when praises go up, blessings come down. We should set our minds on Praise Mode. Be “Prazy” for the Lord!

The Reverend reminds us to rejoice in the Lord. We are to be anxious about nothing, but to trust in God and praise Him at all times. The path to emotional and mental health begins when we decide to have an attitude of gratitude. No “stinking thinking.” Dear hearts we need to stay away from “stinking thinking” – negative thinking – and stinking thinking folk. If you dwell in a stinking thinking environment, you can become immune to the stink.” It will drain you and keep you down. Stinking thinking will sink you into turmoil, despair and no hope. It can make you crazy. It will prevent you from rejoicing, which can block your blessings.

There is nothing or no one in our lives that should stop our praise. Praise God through everything, even through adversity. Adversity gives us saints a testimony because we KNOW God will bring us through. We don’t have to wait until the storm is over. We can shout now!!! Hallelujah. GO PRAZY! Enter God’s gates with thanksgiving, and enter His court with Praise! Rejoice in the Lord always. I’ve got a feeling everything’s going to be alright.

Three saints were led by the Holy Spirit to partner with Solomon Temple. Praise be to God!!! If you are in the Pittsburg, California, please join us on Sunday mornings. You will surely be blessed. If you are not in the area, I invite you to join us on our livestream. God bless.

Blog Written By: Sister Delores Walker

Approved and Posted By: Rev. Samuel S. Brice

Today at the Temple | Aug 28

Hello Saints! What a glorious time we had in the Lord at the Temple today. The praise team led us in praise with their beautiful rendition of Peace Be Still, I Need Thee, All I Need Is You and a medley of other soul stirring praise songs. The choir continued the worshipping spirit singing Tell It written by the

Temple’s own Leon Johnson after which the Solomon Temple Praise Dancers blessed us with a spirited praise dance to Turn Up, Can’t Help Myself.

The Lord spoke to us through Pastor Victor S. Brice, when he reminded us of the “The Line” and cautious us: Don’t cross the line. What line, you may ask. Where is it? It’s in His Word – The good old “B I B L E.” That’s right saints — The Word of God draws the line. It tells us how to live right, how to be right, how to stay right, and how to get right when we fall. God has drawn a line for every aspect of our lives. There is a line for everything. We must be diligent; stay focused on His Word and learn it so that we will recognize the line when we come upon it. Pastor reminds us that some of the adversities in our lives and some of the circumstances we find ourselves in is because we have “crossed the line” and are being disciplined. We chastise our children here on earth because we love them. Do you not think our Heavenly Father will chastise us when we are disobedient? God the Father loves us just as much we love our own biological children. We say we love the Lord right? Then, the Love of God should be our motivation to act right — to not disappoint Him. Pastor uses the story of Moses to illustrate that there are consequences to disobedience. Moses was a holy man. One of God’s chosen. Instead of doing what God told him to do, Moses got out of character, acted in anger and “did his own thing.” He led the people out of Egypt and yet, he did not enter the Promised Land because he disobeyed God. Let us remember the Moses story when feel like doing our own thing instead of what God has instructed us to do. There will be consequences if we “act out.”

Dear hearts, let us remember that although God is a generous, loving, forgiving and merciful God, even He has his limits – just as our parents – and we as parents — have a line that we set for our children. God the Father — because He loves us, sets rules and guidelines for us to live by. We are to be obedient to His Word. Don’t be Johnny Cash – Don’t Walk the Line. Don’t Cross the line.

The Holy Spirit added another soul to partner with Solomon Temple today. The Lord is good. If you are in the Pittsburg, CA area, I encourage you to join us on Sunday mornings. If you are not from the area, I invite you to join us on our live stream. May God continue to bless you. Peace.

Blog Written By: Sister Delores Walker

Approved and Posted By: Rev. Samuel S. Brice

Today at the Temple | Jan 25


Game Time. Hut! Hut!!! Out of position. Out of place. Out of line.

Out of bounds. I know I’m not the only one that’s been there: Out of position with God. Sometimes, we operate in the flesh instead of the spirit. Through the Holy Spirit, Pastor Victor S. Brice delivered a dynamic message to the saints today. Pastor reminds us and shows us in the Bible that sin will cause us to stumble. It will cause us to lose. Sin is the epitome of being out of position with God. It is like a cancer. It spreads. It not only affects you, but it can affect those around you – your loved ones – your relatives and friends. As saints, sometimes we go through trials and tribulations.

It seems like nothing is going your way. It feels like your plans keep falling through, money is funny, your marriage is rocky, your children are acting up – all at the same time. You’re losing. Are you out of position? Is God throwing blessings your way but you’re not in the right position to receive them? Saints, if you find yourself out of position with God and feeling down about it, don’t give up! Never quit. Stay in the game. Ready yourself for the Great Come Back because you’re on the winning team! You will always win with God on your side. To get back in position with God, uncover the source of your defeat – confess your sins and/or shortcomings to the Lord — and get back in the game! Never give up. Stay on your mark and listen for God’s plays for your life. Remember that God is in control. He calls all the shots, and makes all of the plays. It is our position to run the plays that God has set out for us. Don’t deviate from His Word. Hearken to His voice in all things and run to the end-zone with it. You will surely win every time! That is how to experience the thrill of victory instead of the agony of defeat!

Don’t let the adversary steal the ball. Dear hearts, don’t miss your blessings by not being in the correct position to receive them.

Confess, get back in the game, listen to the Master and watch Him turn losing into winning. Touch Down!!! Then go ahead and kick that field goal with another testimony of God’s grace and mercy. Hallelujah!

How wondrous is it to know that we will always win by being in the right position with the Lord? It fills my soul to the brim to know that I am His. There are so many perks to being on God’s team. I win. Satan Loses! I can’t encourage you enough to give your live to God if haven’t already done so. Seven souls were added to the Kingdom after the Word went forth. Glory be to God! If you’re in the Pittsburg, CA area, please join us on Sunday mornings. If you’re not in the area, I invite you to join us during our Live Stream Broadcast.

Blog Written By: Delores Walker

Posted By: Rev. Samuel Brice – Assistant to the Pastor

Today at the Temple | Jan 11

“Wait! Wait! I can’t see! Move all of this stuff out of my face.” I

need to see my Father’s face. Have you ever had the feeling that you

can’t see the forest because there were too many trees in the way?

God is good to us. He is good every day. He watches over us. He

protects us — and He blesses us. So much so that sometimes, we let

our blessings get in the way. We’ll get so hung up on the blessings

that our focus shifts from the Lord and on to “The Stuff.” Pastor

Victor S. Brice reminds us to be careful and not let The Stuff get in

the way of praising and acknowledging the Lord. We can’t let

blessings pull us away from growing our relationship with God for He

is the One that blesses us. As we are being blessed, we mustn’t

distance ourselves from the Lord. When you get blessed with a new

car, don’t stop going to church and bible study so you can ride around

in your new car. When you get blessed with that beautiful new home,

don’t sit home on Sunday mornings “enjoying” your new home instead of

going to worship and praise God. When you are blessed to have free

time, volunteer at your church. Give some of that time to serve Him.

When God blesses you with a new job or a raise in pay, be sure to be a

good steward of that blessing and for certain please don’t be a robber

of God – pay your tithes or adjust them according to your new pay

scale. Stand firm and stay focused on the Lord, dear hearts.

Increase your praise to God. Continue to give thanks in all things.

Continue to learn the Word of God and apply it to your life. This is

how you maximize your blessings. As long as you continue to sincerely

seek the Lord and stay focused on Him, the Lord will continue to bless

you – and bless you even more abundantly – because you have shown Him

that you can handle it. Key word: Sincerely. Don’t just go through

the motions.

Let us not get distracted by our blessings – The Stuff — move the

trees out of the way. Our true reward is not here on earth.

The presence of the Holy Spirit was definitely in the Temple today.

We had an awesome praying service today as the Spirit moved Pastor

Brice around the sanctuary to pray for and with several individuals.

Let the Church Say Amen. The Holy Spirit led three souls to the altar

for prayer and one soul was led to surrender their life to Him,

Withholding Nothing. If you’re in the Pittsburg, CA area, I encourage

you to join us on Sunday mornings. For those that are not in the

area, I invite you to join us on our Live Stream broadcast.

Blog Written By: Delores Walker

Submitted/Posted By: Rev. Samuel S. Brice – Assistant to the Pastor

Today at the Temple | Oct 28

Ain’t no party like A Temple Party, ‘cause a Temple Party don’t stop! Hallelujah! We had a Holy Ghost filled party today at the Temple in honor and in celebration of The One we will love forever because we know He’s Able. Jesus. He’s able to pull us through every obstacle we face. Thank you Jesus! The praise team led the congregation in a high-spirited worship and praise service. The Holy Spirit swept through the Temple like a roaring fire. We had a high time in the Lord. The Youth Praise dancers performed a powerful interpretation dance letting us all know that they will not give in to the world’s temptations. It was thoroughly moving and had us all rapt and on our feet.

Pastor Victor S. Brice brought forth God’s word with in his continuing series – What is your purpose in Life? Do you know? Our first purpose is to be one with the Father – be on the same page with the Lord – to be in the correct position with the Lord. We are to align ourselves in the proper position with the Lord and be sanctified – separated from the world. Our purpose is not to seek material things nor social status. Our second purpose is to mimic the Master. Our purpose is to be useful, be honorable and to make a difference in the lives of those that God has given us. We are to spell out the details of God and His salvation to those we come into contact with. And we become equipped to do that by seeking God, by getting to know Him personally and intimately by the hearing of His Word and through instruction and teaching from our under-shepherd – our Pastor. That is why it is imperative that we regularly attend church and bible class.

Who did God give you? He gave you your parents, your siblings, your children, your aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. He has also given you souls that cross your path- be they co-workers or strangers. How do we be useful? How do we make a difference to those that are given to us by God? Dear hearts, we are to let our light shine. Our light shines by how we live. It shines in the way we, as Christians, present ourselves daily. It shines in our speech – by what comes out of our mouths. How are you living? How do you speak? What is your conversation about? Is it all about God’s salvation or is it all about worldly things? If we are sanctified, our position is in Christ – not the world.

Does the world know who you are? Does your speech reflect your claim of being a Christian? Does your actions reflect Christianity? Does what you hold dear reflect Christianity? Are you pointing “your people” to Christ with your life and by your conversation? Can anyone even tell that you are a Christian? Do “your people” know you are a Christian by what you show them and by what you talk about? Are you fulfilling your purpose? Who do you belong to, Jesus? What are you, a Christian – a saint? Can people tell? Are you a saint or an ain’t?

Let us fulfill our purpose. Let us keep our lights on full blast always! Let your light shine so brightly that “your people” cannot help but to be drawn to Christ, with your light leading the way! Glory be to God!!!

The Holy Spirit led a multitude of saints to stand at the altar in the gap for “their people” that haven’t come to Christ. Pastor prayed for strength and power to assist them in their purpose. God Reigns! If you are in the Pittsburg area, we welcome you to join us on Sunday mornings. If you are not in the area, we invite you to join us on our livestream.

God bless.

Blog Written By: Sis.Delores Walker

Approved and Posted By: Rev. Samuel S. Brice

Today at the Temple | December 21

On the Sunday before the world celebrates the birth of our Lord and

Savior Jesus Christ, the Solomon Temple family worshipped, adored and

showed appreciation and thanks for God’s gift to mankind – His only

begotten son, Jesus. The Spirit of the Lord was definitely with us

today at The Temple. The praise team led us in song with Jesus, Glory

to the New Born King and I Call You Holy. Yes, Jesus is holy. He

came to bear our sins, save our souls and give us eternal life. How

comforting it is to know that we can rest in Him and He will bring

peace to our lives if we open up our hearts and let Him in. Solomon

Temple’s Men’s Choir continued in the spirit of the Christmas holiday

and gave an outstanding rendition of Silent Night / Merry Christmas.

When I tell you it was recording studio ready – you better believe

it!!!!! The Little Angels of Praise ministered to us with a dance and

reminds us to Let Go and Let God Have His Way!!! The Little Angeles

brought everyone to their feet with their beautiful and inspiring

dance of praise! Pastor Victor S. Brice encourages us and shows us in

the Bible that we are to lift our voices, clap our hands and make a

joyous noise upon hearing and knowing of the Birth of our Savior.

Glory to God in the Highest!!! The saints at Solomon Temple did just

that. We had a shouting good time in honor of The New Born King. Oh!

Oh! Oh! Christ the Savior is Born. Hallelujah! Pastor teaches us

and reminds us to be careful with the commercialization of Christmas.

Don’t get caught up in the hype. Pastor Brice shows us in the Bible

and teaches that there was a lot of movement going on in the days

leading up to the birth of Christ. So much so, that there was no room

in any of the inns. Baby Jesus was born in a manger – off on the

fringes of society.

Dear hearts, let’s not push Jesus in the fringes of this season for

Jesus IS the reason for the season. Let us be careful and not let the

movement of OUR times – the crowded malls, the crowded freeways, the

spending of money – allow us to miss the message of Christmas – Jesus’

Birth – God’s gift to us all. His birth brings with it the promise of

eternal life. Jesus brings joy and peace to a sin sick world.

Christmas isn’t about exchanging gifts, but receiving the gift of

Christ. Through the Holy Spirit, Pastor Victor S. Brice delivered a

portion of peace to many saints at the Temple today. What an awesome

sight to behold!!!! The Holy Spirit directed Pastor to several

unsuspecting families and individuals and gifted them with cash gifts

in various amounts. It brought many of them to tears. You could see

peace and relief wash over them. What a powerful service of giving!

A rarity at most churches, but the norm at The Temple. There is peace

in giving. The sweet Holy Spirit was with us throughout the service

and touched 4 saints to seek the peace of having Christ as their Lord.

I love it when the Spirit adds new souls to the Kingdom. Glory to God

in the Highest!!! May God continue to bless you throughout this

holiday season.

Blog Written By: Delores Walker

Submitted/Posted By: Rev. Samuel S. Brice – Assistant to the Pastor

Today at the Temple | Dec 9

Today at the Temple – Sunday, December 7, 2014 Have you ever been in a relationship that is so intense that you don’t want to focus on any other? You know the one. The relationship you’re in that you don’t want to be disturbed when you’re with that person? You don’t want any interruptions when you’re with the love of your life. You’re faithful to them and you want to do everything they ask of you. You want to please them at all costs. They’re on your mind when you wake up. They’re on your mind when you go to sleep. They bring happiness to your life and you want to share how happy you are. You tell everyone that will listen just how great that person is, what they’ve done for you and how much they bring to your life. Well, I know a man like that. His name is Jesus. I have several dates a week with Him. He makes me want to shout to the mountaintop and tell everyone all about Him. In fact, that is His instruction to all us. That is our purpose. Pastor Victor S. Brice reminds us and shows us in the Bible, that our purpose for being in the Assembly of God is to come and see Jesus and to be disciples for Christ — Get instruction, guidance and to go out and tell others the Good News of His death, burial, resurrection – and the promise of His return. Jesus loves us so much that even though He’s with the Father,He left a Comforter – The Holy Spirit until His return. As the Praise Team sang, Jesus Promised, He’ll Take Care of Me – and He hasn’t failed me yet. How can I NOT go Run Tell That! Do your co-workers know you’re a Believer? Does your extended family? Dear hearts, if you don’t know Him, I can’t encourage you enough to get to know God. Get close to Him and develop a meaningful relationship with Him. I can guarantee that you will feel exactly the same way! It will come very easily when you know that you know that you KNOW that Jesus is Real. He lives — and because He lives, you can face your tomorrows. You can face anything and anyone because the Bible tells us that “no weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.” Hallelujah! How awesome is that? Don’t you want to be a part of that? Don’t you want to tell others? Let’s become more obedient and get in the habit of telling people “Come See a Man. Come see and meet a man named Jesus! Yes!!! Tell it. Tell of His Goodness. Tell of His Might. Tell of His Mercy. Tell them about having eternal life with Jesus. Tell it everywhere you go! It is our Kingdom Assignment. During my favorite time of service, the Holy Spirit did it again! Four new souls were added to the Kingdom and one soul came for prayer. If you’re in the Pittsburg, CA area I encourage you to join us on Sunday mornings. We always have a Spirit filled time. For those that are not in the area, I invite you to join us on our livestream.

God bless you,

Blog created by: Sister Delores Walker

Submitted by: Rev. Samuel Brice

Today at the Temple | Dec 1

Solomon Temple Rocks! Even when our pastor is away, we are still fed The True Word and have a Holy Ghost filled time. We give it up to the Master because as the Praise Team sung we know Everything We Have Belongs to Him and no matter what we go through, we realize that it is God that Brought us Through. He’ll Never Walk Out on Us. He’s the only one that holds everything in His hands. We had such a great time today at the Temple. In Pastor Victor S. Brice’s absence, The Temple’s own Minister Geneva Ashley brought forth The Word in an eye opening and thought provoking sermon. I loved how she reminded us how amazing God is and how we need to mind our own business and stay out of God’s business.

Stop trying to tell Him what to do. Minister Ashley shows in the Bible that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and will be the same tomorrow. He is the same miracle worker of yesterday. Nothing; not even your circumstances can change that. Nothing can diminish His power. I take comfort in knowing this because it lets me know that during my darkest days and most trying times – when I’m in the valley – I can count on the Master to bring me out. He’s proven himself time and time again just how great He is and just how much He cares about us. He’s proven to us over and over that He does not need us to tell Him what to do. He’s Got Us!!! God has had your back in even your yesterday! Amazing! He is with us always and will never leave us. There will be rough times. There will be times when things seem unfair, but trust and believe dear hearts – that God is doing a work while you’re in that valley. Stay prayerful. Stand firm. He is reconstructing and developing a new you! He’s knocking things away, adding things and working it out for your good.

We say He is the head of our life so let’s not put Him away when we’re in the Valley. When we’re “going through” let’s ask ourselves Is He still ________? Fill in the blank. Is He still your Provider? Your Comforter? Your Healer? Your Deliverer? Your Master? Your Everything? Stay with Him – even in the Valley — because He is staying with you. He will never leave you. Never. Keep the Faith saints. Nearly 20 people proclaimed that they Wanna Be Where He is when the Spirit moved them to step forward for prayer, healing and reaffirming their commitment to the Lord. If you’re in the Pittsburg area, please come join us on Sunday mornings and I encourage those that are not to join us on our live-stream.

God Bless You.

Blog: Written by Sister Delores Walker

Posted: Rev. Samuel S. Brice

Today at the Temple | Nov 25

Turn up! Turn up! The Spirit Turned Up and Showed out again! I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a good time we have at Solomon Temple. We have such a good time because we know that God is Good. Isn’t He? His presence was high at the Temple this Sunday as the saints praised Him in prayer, song and dance. Our souls poured out and Blessed the Lord. We are Grateful to Him every day and especially during this Thanksgiving Holiday Season. As Pastor Victor S. Brice continues to teach about the importance of having a relationship with God, we must learn how to be obedient to Him. Listen to the voice of God and to trust what He is doing in our lives. Some of us are bodacious enough to protest God.

What say you? Complaining about your station and situation are acts of protest against God. Don’t’ complain. Be grateful. Be thankful. Pray for growth and increase instead of complaining. We should also remember that we are in a two-sided relationship. We have needs, but have you stopped to think that God has needs? What?? Yes. Dear hearts — in order for this relationship to grow, God needs us to stay in His will by giving thanks in all things. God needs us to be obedient to His Word.

Good needs us to acknowledge Him during the good and bad times. If things are upside down in your life Throw them hands up! Throw them hands up! Lift your voice and praise Him because our Father will hear you and will surely Turn Up for you! Be thankful in all things and acknowledge the Lord. It is the will of God concerning you. The sweet Holy Spirit moved several saints to acknowledge His power with their prayer requests — acknowledging that when one or two are gathered in His name, He will be in the midst. Hallelujah! Glory to God.

If you’re in the Pittsburg, CA area, I encourage you to join us on Sunday mornings. Come taste and see that the Lord is Good. Your spirit will be fed.

Blog Written By: Sis. Delores Walker

Posted By: Rev. Samuel S. Brice – Assistant to the Pastor