My God Is Real

My God Is Real

My God is real, real in my soul. My God protects me until the day he calls me home.
My God is real, real to me. He keeps my spirit lifted as long as I believe.
My God is real, as real as you and me. My God is so real you just have to close your eyes and believe.
My God is real, real as my soul. He gives me eternal life on the day he calls me home.
My God is real something you don’t need to see. Stand on your faith, trust and believe as you walk the road you can not see.
By: BTColeman
Jan. 10, 2017

Spending Time With Jesus

Down At The Temple…

Pastor V.S. Brice is definitely starting us off in the right direction in 2017 by letting us know that we need to spend more time with Jesus.  In life, we all become weary and worn out, but Jesus has a plan for us.  First, the problem: weary and worn, from sin and bad choices.  Yes, sin can wear us out.  Sin can drain us and make us weary.  God’s plan for weariness:  Matthew 11:28 –  Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”  Give your sins to Jesus and he will give you rest.   The bottom line is we to learn to give our burdens to Him and leave them there.  Finally, Jesus has a path for us to take: take up His yoke, learn Him, and rest in Him.  In order for all of this to work, we have to spend time with Jesus.

As Christians, we tend to only spend time when we need the Lord, instead of just spending time because he is our friend.  Think about it.  On earth, don’t we spend time with our best friend(s)?  We enjoy just hanging out and relaxing together, while sharing our struggles and problems.  I know I do.  If I can spend time with my earthly best friend, I know I can do the same with my heavenly best friend, Jesus Christ.  I encourage you to do the same.  Until next time, see you down at the temple.


Down at the temple…


Well Jesus has been on a role and the MOG is following divine orders.  Pastor V.S. Brice spoke on Surrendering to God.  He came from the book of Matthew 11:28.  The focus of the message was stop running and stop trying to do it your way – it is wearing you down.

When I say I know about this, I mean, I really know about this.  I frequently or use to rather keep my “track shoes”, ready to run in time of trouble.  I remember when I was married and I would tell my mom, “I CAN’T MAKE THIS WORK!”  I was trying so hard to do things on my own instead of turning to God, that my marriage ended in a divorce.  Had I just stopped running from God and ran to God, things would have turned out better.

Whatever it is that you’re running from, stop and just surrender.  Why keep running when you can surrender to God?  For He has already worked it out.  Until next time, see you down at the temple.

Lord I Need You

Lord I Need You

I can’t breathe, my lungs feel like they are closing.  Lord I need you to be my inhaler to help me breathe again.

My heart stopped beating, there’s no blood flowing through my veins.  Lord I need you to be my pacemaker to keep my heart beating again.

I’m anxious in all that I do.  I get the jitters and have a panic attack or two.  Lord I need you to be my meds and calm my nerves like only you can do.

The nerves in my legs are shot; they say I won’t be able to walk.  Lord be my cane; let me show the world my God reigns.

Lord I need you in all that I do.  Me without you is life of a fool.  Me without you is life without hope.  Me without you is a noose as I feel myself choke.  So I bow to you as I look to the sky, Lord please hear my humbled, hearts cry. 

By: BTColeman



Down at the Temple…


God came in before we could get going well.  The spirit moved swiftly through the house to send us all in.  The word we received was sweet, short, simple and straight to the point.  Pastor V.S. Brice said last week he preached on show your faith.  Well this week it’s all about STAND on your faith.  We as believers have no problem showing our fait to others, but the real test is how well we can stand on our faith.  How well we can stand on the promises of God and let him move for us.  Be still and just STAND.  Sounds simple right?  Oh, I know how hard it can be.  I’m dealing with this right now.  There is something in my life that I want to have so bad I just keep moving in all the wrong directions and Sunday when I was feeling the burn from it.  God spoke through my pastor to me to tell me JUST STAND I got this, let me work.  Why you working so hard for something I’ve promised you?  So today as I listen and be obedient to God’s word I ask you to join me and just STAND.  See you next time down at the temple.


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Slow Down

Slow Down


Slow down you’re moving too fast.  Relax your leg and get your foot off the gas.  Visions are so unclear from the speed that you move.  That sometimes it feels like you’ve lost a day or two.

You need to think more clearly about the things you choose to do.  You’re moving so fast, some would say you’re dumb as a fool.

Can you catch your breath from all the wind in your face?  Move any faster and “time travel” is the theme of the day.

Do you know what you do when you move like you move?  It causes chaos, war and destruction for anyone who deals with you.

Slow down, God says you’re moving too fast.  Enjoy your life while it’s in front of you, before it becomes a vision of the past.



By: BTColeman

Spirit vs. Flesh

Spirit vs Flesh


Walking in the spirit is what we must do.  When we listen to our flesh we walk like a fool.

Walking in your faith to finish God’s race, stand on his word and ask for his grace.

Tune in your spirit to the will of God.  Trusting and knowing he will do his job.

Our flesh is dying on a road called death.  Walk and stay in the spirit until the flesh takes the last breath.

The flesh is weak and the spirit is strong.  Stand on God’s word and just press on.


By: BTColeman


More on faith….

More on faith….Pastor is still teaching/preaching on faith….this time “Show Your Faith” in forward motion.  What I love most is that he constantly reminds us that faith is always in action where we have to have a “I’m not going to quit” and “I’m not going to give up” spirit.  When we have this attitude, it will always keep us moving forward in life.  Two years ago when I had to learn how to walk again, I had that spirit.  When I took the first step, I remember thinking, “there’s no turning back” and I had to keep moving forward.  The only thing that kept me moving was my faith and trust in God.  My commitment and my reliance was to God.  As believers, we always need to activate our faith each day.  Establish a relationship with God and resolve to trust Him, and you’ll continue to move forward.  See you next time at the Temple……

Rule of Faith

Down at the temple…


Pastor V.S. Brice spoke a word from the book of Hebrews 11:6;  “for without faith it is impossible to please God”… This means there’s no short cuts to this concept called faith.  God keeps it clear, clean, cut and to the point – with no strings attached.  Just walk out there in the; “I believe”, not the “I don’t know”. Well FAITH has to do with the unseen.  You can’t see faith, you believe in God by FAITH…

With my first surgery, I had to believe in something I could not see.  I had faith, but it was shaky.  I was believing, but I had the “ummm I don’t know”.  To stand for the first time in months was an experience that could only take FAITH.  Faith is not an outside thing, it’s inside thing.  The depths of your soul steps out on faith inside out, in order for you to believe.  I learned I had to be patient.  It wasn’t my timing, but it was God’s timing, and I had to have Faith.

Be blessed God’s children, and just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean that God does not have a plan.  Just keep the FAITH and watch Him keep word everytime!. Until then, see you soon down at the Temple.

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