‘Joy & Happiness’

Down at the temple…

Pastor V. S. Brice continues the series on joy in sharing the difference between joy and happiness and how to have both.

Happiness is determined by the good things that are happening in life.  Joy is knowing and having Jesus whether things are good or bad.  In fact, as long as I got King Jesus, I don’t need nobody else.  Now that’s joy.  If you have the joy of Jesus, no matter what’s happening in your life, you will still have joy.  Kirk Franklin said it best, “Give me that joy I can’t explain, that extra peace that will ease my pain, gemme dat love that I can’t explain.  Gemme dat,, gemme dat!”  Jesus is the only one that can give you unspeakable joy in the midst of it all.  I challenge you today to ask God to give you that Joy.  Until next time down at the temple…

‘Check Your Pace’

Down at the Temple…

Dr. Rosche Brown of 106.1 KMEL was recently at the Temple and shared a transforming word!  She loves to use acronyms when speaking – and her acronym for the day was P.A.C.E. – asking the listener the question, “have you checked your pace lately?”  Her supporting scripture for P.A.C.E. was Proverbs 27:17 with the following breakdown for P.A.C.E.:

P= PARTNERS be sure to check your relationships and make sure you’re moving at your own pace and not the pace of others.

A= ALIGNMENT align yourself with successful like-minded spirits.  Align yourself with those that can mentor you, who have your best interest at heart and not their own hidden agendas.

C= CHOICES. everybody has choices – make sure you are making good choices that’s in your best interest and pay close attention to the choices that we make.  (Proverbs 22:25).

E= EXPECTATIONS Your expectations should always reflect your future and your thinking process should always be positive.


Thanks Dr. Rosche, for those nuggets of wisdom for living.  We hope to see you again at the Temple……


‘The Joy of Jesus’

Down at the temple…

Pastor V.S, Brice is teaching/preaching on the series “The Joy of Jesus” reminding us that the joy we have, this world did not give it, and certainly, can’t take it away.  Also he shared that joy is a choice where we have the opportunity to choose to live life with joy, and to not confuse joy with happiness.  Happiness is based on the conditions of life – circumstances and situations.  But joy is knowing that Jesus is with us, no matter what the situation may be.  I can still have joy, even in the worst situations, knowing that Jesus will never leave me nor forsake me.  It was amazing to learn that there are over 300 verses in the bible in reference to joy, letting us know that the Lord wants us to experience His joy on the journey.    Until next time, down at the temple…

Taking Jesus Serious Pt. 5

Taking Jesus Serious Pt. 5

Down At The Temple…
Pastor V.S. Brice brought the word from Hebrews 12:1 in his sermon series “Taking Jesus Serious”. He shared that we are in a race, a set race that God has already mapped out for us. If we are going to endure the race of life, then we have to look unto Jesus the hope of glory. Matter of fact, we have to look to Jesus in all that we do. We can do nothing without Him. Question: have you ever tried to win a race that you knew was not meant for you? Well participating in a race, while not looking to Jesus, and thinking you’re going to win, is a race that’s not meant for you.
Jesus is the author and finisher of our story, our race, our life. We have to stay the course and take Jesus seriously in all that we do. He is the tree of life and if we stay connected we produce a harvest that only Jesus can create. A harvest that we don’t have room enough to receive, a harvest that is bountiful in everlasting life. Give yourself over to Jesus, fully committing to Him all that you do. Take Jesus more seriously in the race called life, because Jesus created us to be champions in life, to be victorious and to ultimately be winners. I ask you today, are you ready to win in this race called life? If so, take Jesus more seriously. Until next time down at the temple.
Mark 15
Hebrews 13:8/2:10/12:2
Acts 3:15/5:3
II Corinthians 3:18
Matthew 25:21

Taking Jesus Serious-Serious About Jesus Pt.4

Taking Jesus Serious-Serious About Jesus Pt.4
Down At The Temple…
Pastor V.S. Brice has truly been blessing us with this series. He brought the word from St. John 15:1 where the key phrase in that scripture was “I AM”. Pastor said something that really stuck with me – “ MLK was… Malcom X was… Mahatma Gandhi was…., but Jesus IS. There is no “wasness” (for a lack of a better word), in Jesus, and there never will be. Jesus is and will always be I AM.
Jesus is the vine and we are the branch. We need to be more serious about being connected to Jesus and his word. Remember, we only grow if the root is pleased or nurtured. If not, the vine will wither up and die. Jesus only wants for us to grow and grow to a point of when people see us, they see Jesus.
Finally, Jesus wants us to care. Care about being connected to Him so that we don’t get disconnected. Number 1 disconnection to Jesus is our sin’s, and not caring how it affects ourselves and Jesus. If the branch is not taken care of and gets disconnected from the tree of life, we will eventually die. I know I’m not looking for death in that form and I pray you’re not either. So let’s get more serious about Jesus the I AM, the vine, and care about what He has in store for us. Until next time, see you down at the temple.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Lost without love is what one may feel. This feeling of lost can try to over power what is real.
When you learn to love God to feel what He feels. This unconditional love is more than what’s real.
God gave His son, because he loved us so bad. Love like this, I’ve never had. Now that we have it, never let it go, this is true food for the soul.
He hung on the cross to die for my sins. Love like this only comes from within.
So be like Jesus today and love like He loves. Always give that everlasting love.

By: BTColeman
February 16, 2017


Faith is all you have. Without faith you walk a lonely path.
Faith is not seen this is how it works. Give it to God and he will guide your turf.
Faith without works is dead , null and void. Faith without works is a cold, cold world.
Faith is what you hope for, but nothing you can see. Faith is like having a vision in a dream. Faith without works is a deadly thing.
Faith is something we all must do. Faith is a path that I must choose. Faith is evidence that my God is real. Faith showed me how my God can heal.

By: BTColeman

Taking Jesus Seriously Pt. 3b

Taking Jesus Seriously Part 3(b)

Tuesday night, on our teleconference Bible study call, Pastor Brice went a little further in depth with St. John 15:5b. Jesus states, “Without me you can do nothing”. This is a profound message – one you don’t want to miss out on. You have to look at it like this, if Jesus is not involved in every aspect of your life, you are not doing anything! You are pretty much on auto-pilot, just floating through life. What good is that? Is there a purpose in just floating through life or are you here to be a servant of the Lord? I know this term may be generic to some, but it’s the only way to look at things. What would Jesus do?! (WWJD) You have to think about this in every decision you make in life, or it’s a worthless effort. Ask the question, WWJD and apply it to your daily life, because without Jesus we are nothing.
Pastor V.S. Brice gave us several scriptures in regards to this subject. Check them out when you get a moment and remember to take Him seriously.
St. John 15:5b
Philippians 4:14; 4:6; 4:19
Ephesians 1:11
Act 17:28
Proverbs 3:6
Colossians 1:27; 3:11
Isiah 45:22
Corinthians 13:28
Romans 11:36
Romans 1
See you all next time down at the temple!

Taking Jesus Seriously Pt.3

Taking Jesus Seriously Part 3

Down at The Temple…
Man! Pastor is on fire with this episode of taking Jesus seriously. He came from the book of St. John 15:1-17. We all need to learn to maximize our relationship with Jesus. We need to learn to spend more time in the word to become closer to God. We need to take Jesus seriously. You know why? Jesus took us seriously. He sacrificed His life in order to give us everlasting life. Jesus desires and cares for us. He wants us to be more like Him. In order to be more like Him, you have to take him seriously and spend more time with Him.
This was something that I struggled with. As a single parent, you feel as if there’s not enough hours in the day. So I have learned to maximize all time – every hour in the 24- hour period that I have. I wake up before the kids – so I pray. When I’m in the shower by myself, I pray. When I’m traveling by public transportation, I read my word. In addition, with the Bible app, I select a daily plan, and set a reminder, so daily I can read even more of God’s word. When I have time in between cooking and nothing is on television, I watch Pastors on YouTube. My challenge for you today is to squeeze in every bit of time you can with Jesus, so you can get your quality time in with the Lord. Until then, see you next time down at the temple.

More Like Jesus

Down at the Temple…

Pastor V.S. Brice asked us a question on Tuesday night – so now I’m going to ask all of you the same question. How many of us take Jesus seriously? Now before you answer, take time to reflect and be honest with yourself. How much of an impact does Jesus have on your life? You know that when you take Jesus seriously, He will have great impact on your life, right?
When you take Jesus seriously, He’ll get you to your destination, and He will get you there on time! When we become more serious about Jesus, the less religious we are. Religion is a cover up. One that many Christians use. At church they are great saints of the world, but at home they are someone totally different. When we become serious with Jesus, it will show up in all that we do. You will see it at church, at work and at home. It moves past just “at church act” and becomes a daily walk of life.
When we take Jesus seriously, we will embrace John 3:27-30. We have to become less of ourselves, and more, if not all of Jesus. Allow Jesus to come into your heart and let him take control. Sit at the feet of Jesus and become more disciplined, become a student and learn more from his teachings. My family, I challenge you as Pastor has challenged me – let’s become more serious about Jesus. Until next time down at the temple.