Down at the Temple…


God came in before we could get going well.  The spirit moved swiftly through the house to send us all in.  The word we received was sweet, short, simple and straight to the point.  Pastor V.S. Brice said last week he preached on show your faith.  Well this week it’s all about STAND on your faith.  We as believers have no problem showing our fait to others, but the real test is how well we can stand on our faith.  How well we can stand on the promises of God and let him move for us.  Be still and just STAND.  Sounds simple right?  Oh, I know how hard it can be.  I’m dealing with this right now.  There is something in my life that I want to have so bad I just keep moving in all the wrong directions and Sunday when I was feeling the burn from it.  God spoke through my pastor to me to tell me JUST STAND I got this, let me work.  Why you working so hard for something I’ve promised you?  So today as I listen and be obedient to God’s word I ask you to join me and just STAND.  See you next time down at the temple.


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Slow Down

Slow Down


Slow down you’re moving too fast.  Relax your leg and get your foot off the gas.  Visions are so unclear from the speed that you move.  That sometimes it feels like you’ve lost a day or two.

You need to think more clearly about the things you choose to do.  You’re moving so fast, some would say you’re dumb as a fool.

Can you catch your breath from all the wind in your face?  Move any faster and “time travel” is the theme of the day.

Do you know what you do when you move like you move?  It causes chaos, war and destruction for anyone who deals with you.

Slow down, God says you’re moving too fast.  Enjoy your life while it’s in front of you, before it becomes a vision of the past.



By: BTColeman

Spirit vs. Flesh

Spirit vs Flesh


Walking in the spirit is what we must do.  When we listen to our flesh we walk like a fool.

Walking in your faith to finish God’s race, stand on his word and ask for his grace.

Tune in your spirit to the will of God.  Trusting and knowing he will do his job.

Our flesh is dying on a road called death.  Walk and stay in the spirit until the flesh takes the last breath.

The flesh is weak and the spirit is strong.  Stand on God’s word and just press on.


By: BTColeman


More on faith….

More on faith….Pastor is still teaching/preaching on faith….this time “Show Your Faith” in forward motion.  What I love most is that he constantly reminds us that faith is always in action where we have to have a “I’m not going to quit” and “I’m not going to give up” spirit.  When we have this attitude, it will always keep us moving forward in life.  Two years ago when I had to learn how to walk again, I had that spirit.  When I took the first step, I remember thinking, “there’s no turning back” and I had to keep moving forward.  The only thing that kept me moving was my faith and trust in God.  My commitment and my reliance was to God.  As believers, we always need to activate our faith each day.  Establish a relationship with God and resolve to trust Him, and you’ll continue to move forward.  See you next time at the Temple……

Rule of Faith

Down at the temple…


Pastor V.S. Brice spoke a word from the book of Hebrews 11:6;  “for without faith it is impossible to please God”… This means there’s no short cuts to this concept called faith.  God keeps it clear, clean, cut and to the point – with no strings attached.  Just walk out there in the; “I believe”, not the “I don’t know”. Well FAITH has to do with the unseen.  You can’t see faith, you believe in God by FAITH…

With my first surgery, I had to believe in something I could not see.  I had faith, but it was shaky.  I was believing, but I had the “ummm I don’t know”.  To stand for the first time in months was an experience that could only take FAITH.  Faith is not an outside thing, it’s inside thing.  The depths of your soul steps out on faith inside out, in order for you to believe.  I learned I had to be patient.  It wasn’t my timing, but it was God’s timing, and I had to have Faith.

Be blessed God’s children, and just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean that God does not have a plan.  Just keep the FAITH and watch Him keep word everytime!. Until then, see you soon down at the Temple.

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Holiday At The Temple

Down at the Temple…


Don’t miss an elegant, magnificent, mind blowing night; Holiday at the Temple this Friday, December 9th – 7 pm, or Saturday, December 10th, 6 pm hosted at Solomon Temple International Ministries!  This is going to be a night to remember.  Our own gifted and multitalented, Marcus McCauley is the producer of this elegant affair.  Mounting the stage – singing sensation Lena Byrd-Miles, Victor Brice Jr., our very own Pastor Victor S. Brice, Tanya Fitzgerald (niece of the great Ella Fitzgerald) and many more!  Come and experience bay area’s finest voices, accompanied by a stellar orchestra led by Marcus MacCauley.  You don’t want to miss out on a night to remember.  So dust off your gowns and bow ties and meet us at the Temple for a magical evening of fine music – Holiday at the Temple, produced by Marcus McCauley.  Tickets are only $40, but we still have a few tickets left for Friday night’s show – Saturday is just about sold out, so don’t delay! For more information go to or  call

925-267-9885 to reserve your seat.  I have my ticket, my gown, and plan to look my best!  Pray to see you there………..



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Thanksgiving Tradition

Down at the Temple…


Thanksgiving is the start of the holidays.  With all of the commercialism involved during this time of the year, how do you maintain Jesus in the midst of it all?  This is a touchy subject in 2016 for the Christian.  Honestly I have this problem when it comes to the holidays – the lights, the turkey, and all of the trimmings.  Who wouldn’t get caught up in it all? So, what would you do to keep Jesus in the center of it all?

Let me tell you about my mom’s family tradition.  We gather, cook, watch the football game – “GO COWBOYS”, and enjoy one another.  Mom waits until everyone arrives and then gather us in a circle, all holding hands.  Then she starts off with what she is most thankful for and goes around the entire circle until all who can talk have shared their thoughts.  Then she picks a person to pray.  After the final person prays in the circle, mom or dad will do a closing prayer.  This is my mom’s way of reminding us all that Jesus is the only reason for any season.  We need to keep him in the midst of it ALL.  Without Him, nothing is possible.  With Him, all things are possible.  Thank Him for the big and the little things.  Just as long as you remember to say thank you.

Until next time down at the temple…


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Meant To Be

“Meant To Be”

Good day all!  Provers 18:21 states “the tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (NIV).  As we understand that  we are a children of God and we are defined by God through His word, our confession about who we are, daily, need to line up with what God says who we are. He had to know where he wanted us before he created us so we could arrive in perfect timing. God is the author and finisher of our story. Which means on earth, you are reading my story as you experience my life, but in heaven, it’s already finished. The devil can’t write your story, because God has already written it.  For those who may struggle with your identity, know that you are not a mistake. You are not a product of romantic encounter; you are a blessing from God who was meant to be here at this moment in time.  This thought is so powerful to me as I try to be careful to practice Proverbs 18:21 – using the power of my tongue in confessing that “I’M DESTINED TO BE HERE AND I’M DESTINED FOR GREATNESS!   I AM NOT A MISTAKE!”   God’s people, I love  you all and want you to know you belong here!.

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Youth on Fire

Down At The Temple…

Well let me say that the youth of the temple are on fire for the Lord!  On Sunday they presented their own version of Bible Jeopardy during service.  It was really interesting watching our young people answer biblical questions, where some questions I couldn’t answer!  I believe it starts at home.  Children mimic what they see, and from the looks of it, these children are watching us parents worship, praise, study God’s word and love God.  Parents, continue to practice the word front of your children.  Just when you least expect it, they show us that they’re paying attention.

The icing on the cake this past Sunday was Pastor Brice’s sermon entitled “Message to the Christian Millennial”.   His text was taken from Daniel 1:1-8.  I loved it when he had all of the adults who were sitting up front, switch seats with any young people who were sitting towards the back of the church.  I was very impressed when the young people were obedient, following directions, and moved without a murmur.  This made my heart dance to see so many young people respond and with a good attitude!  I have children myself and work hard at showing them the proper way.  To see my own children be obedient was a gift from God.  Pastor’s major quote that I heard the youth talking about at the end of service was, “Don’t get in just to fit in, you are Holy.  Everything shouldn’t be tolerated”. Pastor Brice encouraged the youth to “don’t go along just to get along!”  In other words, follow God whether it makes you look like an outcast or not.  The sermon was right on time for today’s young people!  It blessed me as a mom, and blessed my children who fortunately, was listening on that day.  Until then, Brandi


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