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“God Works for the Good”


December 7, 2017





During our Bible Study, Pastor Brice made the statement: “God works for the good – has nothing to do with you.”  Read: Romans 8:28 and …. Contemplate!

“God’s Word is Truth, and Scripture does not contradict itself.” – Rev. V.S. Brice, Pastor

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Spiritual Balance



December 1, 2017




Pastor Brice, shared, “Good supportive leaders have balance, but not brakes.”  Powerful!  He  was talking about balancing our spiritual needs with our worldly deeds. He gave 4 areas that we need to balance: worship, work, rest, play.  How do you balance and not go to the extreme?  Join us at Solomon Temple Ministries International for answers to questions like this and more!

Reasons 7 & 8 for: “Why you shouldn’t miss church?”  7) Combines our Spiritual strength in prayer.  8) Honors the Lord’s Day.  Thank you for staying connected.  Blessings!

Solomon Temple Ministries International  –  Blogger  –  Othella Hill-Jordan

When God Is’nt There





November 16, 2017



“When God Isn’t There”

 Hello from the Temple…….

Do you sometimes feel like God isn’t there?  This will be a yes answer, for most Christians, even if the feeling was fleeting or momentary. A no answer, you’ve never questioned your trials, tribulations, sadness, or troubles of any kind.


“Don’t equate your position, with God’s Ability!” This is a quote from Pastor Brice during our Sunday morning worship service. (Read Isaiah 40:27-31)  God is Aware, God is Able, and God is Available.  Let The Word govern your life.


Reasons 5 & 6 for, “Why you shouldn’t miss church?”   5) Fellowship with other believers.

6) Provides accountability to your Spiritual leaders. Reasons 7 & 8 when we connect again.  Blessings!


Solomon Temple Ministries International  –  Blogger  –  Othella Hill-Jordan

“Don’t Waste Grace”

  November 8, 2017


“Don’t Waste Grace!”



As promised, 2 more of the 8 reasons: “Why you shouldn’t miss church?”  3) Spiritual cleansing on a systematic basis. 4) Scripture dictates attend church the first day of the week. (Acts 20:7)

At Noon Day Bible Study, Pastor Brice said, “Don’t waste Grace!”  Wasting grace is something that is not intentional but is something we may have all done at one time or another. The grace that God freely gives us requires action on our part. When we don’t act, we are wasting our gift.  What action can you take?  Pass it on! Proclaim! Evangelize! It is our responsibility to share testimonies and teachings about God and how He works. (1 Corinthians 15:3)

Let’s connect again! Reasons 5 & 6 coming up for “Why you shouldn’t miss church?”  In the meantime, “Don’t waste Grace!”

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“Why You Shouldn’t Miss Church?”



Have you missed church recently? Pastor Brice has been teaching a Bible study series on: “Why You Shouldn’t Miss Church?” He has led us through several Scripture based reasons why we should attend church and made the statement that, “We sometimes are in church but still missing church.” Thought provoking! Read Ephesians 4:11-13

Pastor Brice gave us 8 reasons why we shouldn’t miss church. 1) Attending church builds up our spiritual strength.  2) Obedience to God.  Stay connected to Solomon Temple Ministries International and receive the remaining 6 reasons.

Until we connect again: Why have you missed church?  Looking forward to your responses. Blessings!

Solomon Temple Ministries International  –  Blogger  –  Othella Hill-Jordan

“Why the Devil is Interested in You”


“Why the Devil is Interested in You”

 Have you ever wondered why the devil just won’t leave you alone?  During our Youth and Young Adult Empowerment Sunday service on last Sunday, Pastor Brice enlightened our hearts in preaching from the topic: “Why the Devil is Interested In You” – Luke 22:31-33 – a transforming word!  Three thoughts from the text were given that offered insight:

  • Simon’s Presumption
  • Simon’s Confidence
  • Simon’s Arrogance/Ego
  • Satan’s Plan
  • Jesus’ Protection/Plan

When you get a moment, I encourage you to take a look at Luke 22:31-33 as Simon expressed that he would follow Jesus until the end.  In that moment, Jesus reminded Simon to be careful in his overestimation of himself, and that the enemy is there to sift him like wheat, when given the opportunity.  Pastor Brice reminded us on Sunday, that the moment we begin to put our confidence in ourselves and rely on the flesh and not Christ, the enemy is there to lead us off the path that God has given us, and get us off track with God.   But thank God, that Jesus is there every time, praying for us, that we would be strengthened in Him.  We were admonished to keep our faith and trust in Christ….always, for He never fails.  Until then, be encouraged to keep the faith, and look always to Him “who is able to keep us from falling”.

Solomon Temple Ministries International – Blogger – Kitty Griffin


“Redeem the Time”

At the Temple…..

Time is so precious these days. Pastor Brice, in his series on “Seizing the Times” brought a life-changing word from Ephesians 5:16, sharing with the listener to “make the best of the time that God has given us”.   He continued in stating that “God is the center of time, and He’s greater than time” encouraging us to take advantage of every second of time that God gives to us. A few more nuggets to study regarding time:

  • Time is short (Job 9:25, 26).
  • We don’t know when time will run out (Proverbs 27:1).
  • We can NEVER get time back.
  • How we use our time has consequences – both now, and in eternity (Matthew, 6th Chapter).

And finally, never forget, time equals opportunities. Make the most of each day and the time God has given. Until then, we’ll see you down at the Temple……

Solomon Temple Ministries International – Blogger Kitty Griffin